Stenter Spare Parts
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Stenter Spare Parts
Aual-purpose clips, Solo-purpose clips, Chains, Pin plates, Pin plate holders, Brush wheels, Pin wheels, Cut cloth knives, etc.
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About Us

Huaxiatex Dyeing and Printing machinery Co.,Ltd is located in Changzhou city, Jiangsu Province, We specialize in producing, selling, and exporting all kinds of products dyeing and printing machine spare parts.We have over 20 years’ experience in the production of dual-purpose clips, solo-purpose clips, chains, pin plates, pin plate holders, brush wheels, pin wheels, cut cloth knives, etc. that are used in imported and domestic stenters, setting machines and mercerizing,The product sells more than 20 countries and the area.

Our parts are suitable for :
  • Germany Babcock Thermo-setting Stenter
  • Germany Famatex Setting Machine
  • Germany Artos Heating Setting Machine
  • Germany Monforts Heat Setting Stenter
  • Germany Bruckner Setting Machine
  • Germany Krantz Stenter
  • Italy ALEA Setting
  • Italy Santlucia Stenter
  • Italy Knitting Stenter
  • Swiss Benninger Mercerizing Stenter
  • Mantian Knitting Stenter
  • France AMDES Stenter
  • Korea IL-SUNG, MI-KWANG, EHWHA Setting Machine
  • Taiwan KL&LH Setting Machine, CHENGFU, HUANGJIE, I-KUANG
  • Japan Suzuki Stenter
  • KCK Mercerizing Stenter Machine
  • Japan Taihei & Wakayama Mercerizing Stenter Machine
  • Japan Wakayama Setting Machine & Mercerizing Machine
  • Japan Kyoto Setting Machine
  • Japan Hirano Stenter
  • Japan Shikyo Heat Setting Machine
  • Shaoyang Hot Air Setting Stenter
  • Xinchang Setting Stenter

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